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 Event Rules



The following rules must be observed by competitors at all times although all rules of the event are governed by the Race Director and/or the appointed officials:-


  • To enter the race, you must be aged 20 years or over on the date of the race


  • Cut-off times will be strictly enforced. Unfortunately there is no flexibility here. If you are unable to reach any checkpoint in time, we will have to withdraw you from the race and you will not be eligible for a finish time, medal and t-shirt.


  • Competitors are requested to comply with the mandatory kit requirements details of which are outlined in the event information section.


  • Race numbers must be worn on the front and must be clearly visible at all times. This ensures that we know that you are an official competitor and also makes it easier for our volunteers at checkpoints to manually cross-check recording of times.


  • Competitors must follow the Race route outlined at all times, essentially the Way marked route. Any deviation from this route in order to gain advantage over fellow runners will result in disqualification.


  • Competitors must complete the entire course on foot. The use of any other forms of transportation will result in disqualification.


  • Although the race will be timed Competitors must also check in at each checkpoint as advised. At the checkpoint please ensure that you provide your competitor number to the checkpoint recorder (with clipboard or mobile device) and ensure that the recording volunteer has clearly recorded your number and time of entry. Failure to register at each checkpoint will result in disqualification.


  • Further to medical details provided by competitors upon race entry, each runner must also disclose any changes to existing medical conditions and all prescription medications being taken.


  • Usage of performance enhancing drugs before or during the event will result in immediate disqualification. The race organiser believes in the ethics of our sport and take a zero tolerance approach to this issue.


  • The use of headphones is not permitted, as this poses a serious risk to competitors safety.


  • Competitors compete in the event entirely at their own risk, including but not limited to road, rail and river crossings and all other hazards on the race route. There will be a full waiver to sign at event registration with no competitor allowed to compete without completion of this documentation.



  • Anyone caught littering on the course will be disqualified from the race. The Countryside Code must be respected at all times. If we don’t respect the natural environment of our race route we may not be able to organise such events in the future. Bins will be provided at each checkpoint and there will be facilities for rubbish in some towns and villages on the route. There is no excuse for littering or leaving gates open.


  • Competitors are requested to be respectful of other runners , race officials, volunteers and other users of the route at all times. Any act deemed to breach this code of conduct and/or classed as unsporting may result in disqualification.