Event Info
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Date & Schedule


1700 – 2000 Registration (or register Saturday 4am)



0400 – 0530 Registration & Bag Drop off

0545 Race Safety Briefing

0600 Race Start



0600 Race Closes



Ingram Village Hall, Breamish Valley, Northumberland, NE66 4LT.


If you are navigating to the venue using the postcode, be aware that the postcode covers quite a few residences in the vicinity.



Ingram Cafe & Visitors Centre, Breamish Valley, Northumberland, NE66 4LT.

(The race start and finish are located next to each other.)



Turn off the A697 just north of the village of Powburn, signposted for Ingram. Drive for 3 miles and just after crossing Ingram bridge turn left. The event car park is on the field (also the event campsite) directly in front of the Village Hall.

What to expect at Registration


You can register at Ingram Village Hall between 5pm – 8pm on Friday 2nd December, or between 4.00am-5.30am on the morning of the race. If possible, we encourage you to register on Friday night to ensure we can start the race promptly at 6.00am.


When you come to register you must bring your race pack with you so we can attach your race tracker.


At the start of the registration process, members of the North of Tyne Mountain Rescue Team will ask to see your EMERGENCY SPARE CLOTHING IN A SEALED BAG and also your EMERGENCY SURVIVAL BAG. If you do not have both of these items they will not allow you to register. You DO NOT have to show them the rest of your mandatory kit, however, random spot checks will be carried out and if you are not carrying all the mandatory kit, you will not be allowed to start the race.


The emergency spare clothing is separate from any other clothing that you will be wearing or carrying for the duration of the race. It is only to be used in case of an emergency. The emergency survival bag has to be a bag that you climb into. Survival blankets will not be accepted.


At Registration, we will provide you with your race number, 2 baggage tags, event t-shirt, waterproof map of the course and your Montane neckerchief.


If you are registering on Friday night, please note that your drop bags can only be deposited on the morning of the race.


We’ll issue you with your GPS Tracker which we must tape to the top shoulder strap of your running pack. This is to remain on until you have completed the race.


If you are leaving drop bags for the two aid stations, you will need to deposit your bags at the drop off points located outside of Registration. Your bags will be available for you when you arrive at the aid stations and will then be returned to the finish.


Please make sure that you are at the Village Hall at 5.45am for the race brief.


Race start is at 6.00am.


We are pleased to announce that Ingram Cafe will be open for the duration of the event and they will be serving hot food on Friday evening and will also be open from 4am on race morning serving breakfast!

Facilities at Event HQ

Event parking is on the field opposite the Village Hall. This is also the location of the campsite.


Ingram Cafe and Visitors Centre will be open for the duration of the event and have a great selection of hot food, coffee and cake! They will be open from 4am on the morning of the event where breakfast, tea & coffee available for purchase. Please note, they will not be open on the Friday evening before the race.


Toilet facilities are available in Ingram Village Hall and also inside the visitor centre where the cafe is located.


Please there are no shower facilities on site.


If you registered for camping please use the allocated campsite in the field directly opposite Ingram Village Hall & Event HQ. Portaloos WC  facilities are available in the field, but please note that there are no showers available onsite.

Route Navigation

The route will NOT be waymarked. Route maps and GPX files are available on the website here. Please be aware that the route currently shown may be subject to alteration and the final route will be confirmed 2 weeks prior to the event. Safety Marshals will be located along the course at intermittent points, (these are not aid stations).


At Registration you will be provided with a sectional map of the course on waterproof paper.


There are sections of the course where it is not always obvious where the trail is and combined with the possibility of snow covering the higher ground, navigational skills are required. If you running without any specific GPS navigational device but you have a smartphone, we higher recommend that you use one of the many free apps that are available and will allow you to upload the route GPX file and are excellent for following a course. We’d recommend ViewRanger. You can download the route GPX file HERE.

Drop Bags

You can deposit two of your own drop bags that will be taken to each of the aid stations for any spare kit/food that you wish to have available. The bags will be outside at the aid stations. For any items that you wish to remain dry, we recommend that you place them in a dry bag/plastic bag inside your bag.


We have over 1,000 bags to transport, so small bags only please, no suitcases!


The first aid station is at 20 miles. Attach the ORANGE bag tag labelled ‘AID STATION 1’ to the bag you wish to be transported here. For the second aid station at 40 miles, attach the BLUE bag tag labelled ‘AID STATION 2’ to the bag you wish to be transported here.


On the morning of the race, deposit your drop bags at the vehicles outside the Village Hall before you depart. Your bags will then be transported back to the finish in time for your arrival.


If you are using GPS for navigation we’d recommend you put powerpacks/spare batteries into your drop bag as the cold temperatures will drain your batteries quicker than normal.

Medical Info

If you have any medical conditions you must tell us in advance of the run.  A professional medical team will be on site to deal with major incidents.  First aiders can also be found around the course.  Each runner will be given essential safety info to take round with them that has key details on it.  Mountain Rescue are informed of the event.  The nearest hospital is Northumbria Accident and Emergency Hospital at Cramlington.

Aid Stations

There will be two aid stations on the course at 20 miles & 40 miles.


As you arrive a marshal will guide you to your drop bag if you have left one. Drop bags will be located outside.


The first aid station is at the 20 mile mark at Barrowburn. This is an indoor aid station and will provide hot soup and drinks. There is a toilet located here.


The second aid station is at the 40 mile mark at High Bleakhope. This is canopy covered in a barn. Hot drinks will be available but there are no toilet facilities.


As you depart the aid station, pass your bag to a marshal so it can be transported back to the finish for your arrival.


Both aid stations have vehicle access, so we can extract you from this point if decide to retire.


There will be no other aid stations on course. Safety Marshals will be located at regular intervals along the length of the course in either a vehicle or a tent, however, they will NOT have water or food with them. You must carry enough water to last you for 20 miles.

Cut-Off Times

There are 2 cut off times that will be in place on the course. The first cut off time is 2pm to leave M3 Barrowburn (20 miles). The second cut off will be 11pm to leave M9 High Bleakhope (40 miles).

GPS Live Athlete Tracking

For the event we have signed up with Open Tracking to provide each participant with a small GPS tracker which transmits their location to the website. Runners latest position is displayed on a map which updates automatically. This is a great additional feature for the participants of the event and also for supporters who wish to track their progress.

Links to the live tracking website can be viewed HERE.

Compulsory Kit

There will be random kit checks prior to the start of the races. Please remember “No kit, No go”.

For a complete list of compulsory and recommended kit, visit our Kit Page.

Prize Categories

All finishers will receive a Cheviot Goat Ultra medal and t shirt.

Trophy plaques and Montane prizes will be awarded for:

1st, 2nd, 3rd Male & Female

Event Rules

A full copy of the race rules can be found HERE.

Time Penalties

We appreciate that route has no waymarkings at all, but as this is a race we will have to enforce time penalties for anybody found to have taken the wrong route that would result in gaining an unfair advantage. Please note, this does NOT mean disqualification.